Is there really a problem here? The school is saying that students are nominated as individuals, not couples. So the students are either mad that one of two girls who both identify as girls cannot enter as a boy to win king, or that the school won't eliminate the king position to placate the students who want to pat… » 9/30/14 12:57pm Today 12:57pm

Something like 95% of speech pathologists are women. Are you saying that men at Yahoo should be fired and replaced with women while female speech pathologists should be fired and replaced with men until everything is 50/50? Or do we get to acknowledge at some point that it's possible for a 70/30 gender split without… » 6/17/14 7:58pm 6/17/14 7:58pm

Humans love to generalize because it makes life easier. Except...we figured out that generalizing quickly turns into bigotry, which is bad. So we've fought to end bigotry, or at least turn it into a fringe belief. So when the Boston Marathon bombings happen, and we learn that it was committed by Muslim extremists, we… » 5/27/14 6:07pm 5/27/14 6:07pm