I played CS at a pretty high level about 10 years ago. When you've been playing for a long time, it becomes pretty easy to tell when someone is cheating. I played against teams and got beat thoroughly without feeling like they were cheating, and beat teams handily while having strong suspicions about one or two… » 11/26/14 1:34am 11/26/14 1:34am

Yes, Tommy Lee Jones is a bigger star than Hillary Swank. Tommy Lee Jones deserves more money than Hillary Swank simply by being in higher demand. That's sort of how the whole making money thing works. If it were Hillary Swank and some random no name actor that was being paid more than her, this might make sense. But… » 11/18/14 2:33pm 11/18/14 2:33pm

4. To Gamergaters. A word of warning. Your name is tainted by the misogynists and nutjobs that have claimed to be part of you, regardless of if they are or aren't in reality. It is past the point of repairing your name. Those of you with morals and human decency need to retreat, regroup, and band together with a…

» 11/14/14 2:30pm 11/14/14 2:30pm